nJAMS Client® for ADADB

Released:October 2019
Publication:Dec 04, 2020

nJAMS Client for ADADB is another first class citizen for nJAMS monitoring solution. nJAMS Client for ADADB allows you to monitor TIBCO ActiveMatrix® Adapter for Database instance executions. A graphical process flow in nJAMS GUI shows the taken steps during executing a TIBCO Adapter for Database Service instance:

Process diagram

nJAMS Client for ADADB thus achieves more visibility into the process platform while reducing the diagnosis and resolution efforts, hence reducing costs through the overall integration project lifecycle.

Read the following chapters for learning about nJAMS Client for ADADB.

Introduction gives a short introduction into nJAMS Client for ADADB.
Installing and configuring nJAMS Client for ADADB guides you through installation and setup of nJAMS Client for ADADB.
Working with nJAMS Client for ADADB:
Working with nJAMS Client for ADADB describes basic topics to work with nJAMS Client for ADADB.
Reference general properties:
Reference: General properties lists and explains general nJAMS Client for ADADB settings.
Reference application based properties:
Reference: Application based properties describes nJAMS Client for ADADB settings related to a TIBCO Adapter for Database Service instance.