What is nJAMS Hub?

nJAMS Hub is the central site of your account at Integration Matters.

With nJAMS Hub you can:

  • Access, manage, and monitor your nJAMS Cloud instance(s)
  • Download nJAMS Clients and learn how to setup nJAMS Clients against nJAMS Cloud
  • Invite additional users to work with your nJAMS Cloud instance
  • Manage your Integration Matters account

How do I login into nJAMS Hub?

Login with your credentials at https://login.integrationmatters.com.

If you are new to nJAMS Cloud, you can register for a free account at https://signup.integrationmatters.com. Sign up for a new account by using your Google or Microsoft login, or just enter your corporate email address and a password:

nJAMS Cloud - sign up

After login you will be directed to your personal Welcome page:

nJAMS Hub - Welcome

This is the home screen of your Integration Matters account. On this page you can see your nJAMS Cloud instances available to your account.

How can I open my nJAMS Cloud instance?

An nJAMS Cloud instance is represented by a tile on your Welcome page:

nJAMS Cloud instance tile
  1. Click on the tile to access the nJAMS Cloud instance. The nJAMS Cloud application will start:
nJAMS Cloud instance
  1. Click on Exit to return to Welcome page of nJAMS Hub.

There are some additional hints and guidelines available on the Welcome screen:

Additional guidelines
  1. Open your nJAMS instance: redirects to your nJAMS Cloud instance, same as when you click on the tile.

    Start nJAMS Client setup guide: opens the wizard to guide you through the installation and configuration of the nJAMS Client your registered for.

    Find more information: leads you directly to the online manual

You can include sample data in your instance.

Sample data
  1. If populate sample data is turned on, sample data is sent every few minutes into your instance. Sample data in your nJAMS Cloud instance simulates monitoring data from an nJAMS Client and may be helpful for you to play around with nJAMS Cloud without the configuration of an nJAMS Client. Having sample data in your nJAMS Cloud instance allows you to work with nJAMS Cloud like under real conditions and to become more familiar with the application. Nevertheless, we recommend to configure an nJAMS Client for your nJAMS Cloud instance in order to get the full experience of nJAMS.

Where can I monitor my instances?

Select Instances from the navigation menu and you will be provided with a list of instances that are available in your organization. For each instance you can inspect stats such as incoming message rate, used storage, or information about a potential backlog of messages. In addition, you can manage the instance from here as well:

Instance details

On the Statistics page you can follow the progression of message rate and storage consumption. The charts allow you to recognize a trend:

Instance stats

How can I setup an nJAMS Client?

The nJAMS Client monitors a certain target system and sends monitoring data to your nJAMS Cloud instance. There are various nJAMS Clients available, depending on the integration platform that should be monitored. For example:

  • nJAMS Client® for Mule4 monitors applications on MuleSoft™ integration platform, such as CloudHub, Anypoint, or Mule Runtime.
  • nJAMS Client® for BW6 monitors applications on TIBCO BusinessWorks™ 6 integration platform at desgintime or runtime. TIBCO BusinessWorks™ Container Edition is also fully supported.

The nJAMS Client setup varies, depending on the target system. In nJAMS Hub you will find guidelines on how to configure your nJAMS Client. When you just registered for nJAMS Cloud and logged in into nJAMS Hub, nJAMS Client setup guide opens automatically and explains how to configure your selected nJAMS Client. Please carry out the steps and your nJAMS Client is set up in a short time.

Alternatively, you can go through the steps in detail at Account Management > Instances and manually download the nJAMS Client, create certificates for each instance, and set firewall rules if necessary. You can find more information at next chapter How can I setup additional nJAMS Clients?.


And in case you’re wondering, nJAMS Client can be removed easily without leaving any residue from your target system.

How can I setup additional nJAMS Clients?

You can download and configure additional nJAMS Clients from Client Setup page:

Instance client setup

Depending on assigned nJAMS Clients to your organization, you can select an nJAMS Client from the list and learn how to configure the nJAMS Client with regards to the corresponding nJAMS Cloud instance.

An nJAMS Client uses a secure communication channel to send monitoring data to the nJAMS Cloud instance. This channel requires an API key that has to be created with regards to a dedicated nJAMS Cloud instance. The API key is part of the certificate package that is created on tab Certificates / API Keys:

Instance certificates

The certificate package also contains keys for the return channel. The return channel is used, when a command is triggered from an nJAMS Cloud instance to an nJAMS Client. For example, when you start a Replay in nJAMS GUI, a command is sent from your nJAMS Cloud instance to the nJAMS Client that triggers the Replay.

It may be necessary to adjust firewall rules of your local network to allow communication between your nJAMS Clients and your nJAMS Cloud instance. Find endpoints and ports of your nJAMS Cloud instance at tab Firewall rules:

Instance firewall rules

How do I invite additional users to my instance?

You can share your instance with your co-workers or with users from other organizations. To invite and authorize additional users, use the navigation bar on the left and click on Users:


The upcoming user adminstration page allows you to manage the users joining your organization and to grant access to an instance:

User management

Add a new user:

New user
  • Enter the email address of the user. The email address does not necessarily have to belong to your organization.

  • Enter first and last name and a phone number, if applicable.

  • Specify the role for the user. You can choose between Account Admin or User.

    • An Account Admin has full access to an organization. An organization may have multiple Account Admins, but must have at least one Account Admin. Only one single Account Admin can be Owner of the organization. The Owner of the organization cannot be deleted, unless the entire account is closed.
    • A User account has limited access to an organization. A user may access designated nJAMS Cloud instances, but is not allowed to manage users or instances.
  • At Assign instance(s) specify the instance(s) the user may have access to. For each available instance the user can be authorized as Instance Admin. An Instance Admin is allowed to manage an nJAMS Cloud instance, which means an Instance Admin is entitled to grant permission to roles for accessing domain objects in this particular instance.

  • Check Send invitation and an email will be sent to the newly created user in order to welcome him to the assigned nJAMS Cloud instance. In case the invited user already has an Integration Matters account, he just has to login and select your organization to work with. Otherwise, the user is prompted to sign up for a new Integration Matters account.

Grant access:

The permissions for a user can be changed at any time. Select a user and click on Grant access:

Grant access

On this page you can also authorize the user to download nJAMS Client software.

Where can I change the details of my organization?

You can change the information of your organization at any time. Enter Organization from the navigation:

  • Enter a name for your organization
  • Select an Owner from the list of Account Admins. The user that registers for the Integration Matters account is the Owner of its own organization by default. If you want to forward the ownership to a different user, you have to add a new user to the organization first, authorize the user as Account Admin, and select this user as Owner.
  • Account name is the name that is used as your individual subdomain.

How can I work with instances of a different organization?

Assume you already have an account at Integration Matters and you have been invited to work with an nJAMS Cloud instance of a different organization. When you login with your account, you will be directed to the Welcome screen of your own organization by default. As soon as you have been assigned to an instance of a different organization, you can switch the organization on your Welcome screen:

Switch organization

Click on the organization and select the name of the organization you want to work with. When you change the organization, the Welcome screen gets updated with the available nJAMS Cloud instance of this organization you have been allowed to use.

A user can be a member of any number of organizations.

Where can I change my password?

You can change the password of your account at the user menu:

Change password

Click on Change password and you will receive an email containing a password reset link. In case you are using your Google or Microsoft login, this option is not available and you have to enter your account at Google or Microsoft to change your password of course.


If you do not receive this email, please check your spam folder of your inbox. It may happen that this email may be filtered away as spam.

How can I close my account?

Login into the account you want to close and enter organization page.

Delete your account closes your account. All data of the organization will be unrecoverably deleted - including monitoring data, instances, certificates, everything.