Global settings of IM Flows

You can configure the global settings of IM Flows. Go to Administration > System Control > Plugin Management > Flows plugin:

Plugin management

The following dialog allows you to configure IM Flows:

Configure plugin
Stop Processing:
 Stops all rules for all existing Flows
TTL value for log messages:
 Specify how long log messages will live in the rules engine
Factor for number of rule engines:
 Specify a factor for deriving the number of rule engine to be used from the number of available processors. This value has no effect, if the an absolute number of rule engines has been configured.
Absolute number of rule engines:
 Specify an absolute number of rule engines to be used for processing flows, or set to 0 to use the above factor for calculating the number of engines automatically.
Flow SLA to TTL mapping factor:
 Specify a factor that defines how long an active flow shall live in the rules engine, depending on the SLA value defined for that flow.


You can grant FLOW_READ permission to particular Roles:

Configure plugin

Go to Administration > User Management > Roles, select a Role, and specify Flows to grant FLOW_READ permission.