Getting started

This chapter describes the installation and start of nJAMS Agent on Linux and Windows. nJAMS Agent supports Linux 2.6.23 or later on x86-64 and Windows 7 or later, respectively Windows Server 2008 or later, on x86-64.

The installation of the nJAMS Agent may require root, respectively on Windows administrator, privileges in order to complete successfully.


  1. Download latest release of nJAMS Agent from Integration Matters Download Portal and extract the package file njams_telemetry_agent_<version>.zip into a folder.

  2. Enter <your_path>/agent/config/ and adapt nJAMS Agent configuration file according to your requirement by editing njams_agent.conf.

    nJAMS Agent offers multiple service input and output plugins that may require custom ports. All port mappings can be modified through the configuration file.

    Before starting nJAMS Agent for the first time, you have to configure input plugins according to your demand. See Input plugins.

    In addition, at least one output plugin has to be configured. It is recommended to use either HTTP or EMS output plugin. See Output plugins.

Running nJAMS Agent on Linux / Unix

Start nJAMS Agent:
cd <your_path>/agent/bin/

./ start

Verify start of nJAMS Agent:

./ status

You can also check nJAMS Agent log file at <your_path>/agent/log/console.log.

Stop nJAMS Agent:
./ stop
Use systemd to start nJAMS Agent at system boot:
  1. Modify unit file njams_agent.service at <your_path>/agent/bin/ according to your demands.
  2. Copy unit file to /etc/systemd/system/ and give it permissions:
sudo cp njams_agent.service /etc/systemd/system/njams_agent.service

sudo chmod 644 /etc/systemd/system/njams_agent.service
  1. Use the enable command to ensure that the service starts whenever the system boots:
sudo systemctl enable njams_agent.service
  1. Start service
sudo systemctl start njams_agent.service
  1. Check status
sudo systemctl status njams_agent.service

Running nJAMS Agent on Windows

Install nJAMS Agent as Windows service:

Install nJAMS Agent as Windows service by running service.cmd in Cmd or Powershell.

For example, run the following commands as Administrator in Powershell:

cd <your_path>/agent/bin/


A new Windows service “nJams Telemetry Data Collector Service” is created.

Start nJAMS Agent:

Start Windows service by using Microsoft Management Console or run command:


Verify start of nJAMS Agent by checking <your_path>/agent/log/console.log.

Stop nJAMS Agent:

Run uninstall_daemon.cmd to remove nJAMS Agent Windows service from your machine.

Once nJAMS Agent is up and running it will start collecting data and sending them to the configured output.

Alternative script to manage nJAMS Agent

There is an alternative script in the nJAMS toolbox on GitHub. This script combines the management options for both operating systems and makes the administration of the nJAMS Agent a bit more comfortable.