Input pluginsΒΆ

nJAMS Agent input plugins are used to collect metrics from the system, services, or third party APIs. All metrics are gathered from the inputs you enable and configure in the configuration file.

nJAMS Agent provides the following input plugins:

The CPU input plugin gathers metrics about cpu usage.
The Mem plugin collects system memory metrics.
The System plugin gathers general stats on system load, uptime, and number of users logged in. It is similar to the unix uptime command.
The Processes plugin gathers info about the total number of processes and groups them by status (zombie, sleeping, running, etc.)
Windows Performance Counters:
The Windows Performance Counters input plugin reads Performance Counters on Windows operating systems.
BW Agent:
The BW Agent plugin gathers stats of TIBCO BW Agent.
The TIBCO EMS plugin gathers stats on TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS).
The Elasticsearch plugin gathers stats on Elasticsearch nodes.
nJAMS Subagent:
The nJAMS Subagent plugin gathers info about nJAMS Client Subagent.
nJAMS Agent:
The nJAMS Agent plugin gathers info about nJAMS Agent itself.