nJAMS Agent

nJAMS Agent



March 2024

nJAMS provides out-of-the-box monitoring capabilities for numerous integration platforms, enterprise applications, as well as cloud services.

News and important information

Release 4.2:

  • nJAMS Agent is now based on latest version of influxdata Telegraf.

  • One single nJAMS Agent instance can now monitor multiple TIBCO EMS instances. nJAMS Agent now allows multiple “input.ems” plugin configurations.

  • Support of centralized configuration management of nJAMS Agent. nJAMS Agent can now retrieve the configuration from an HTTP/S endpoint.


Introduction gives a short introduction into nJAMS Agent

Getting started:

Getting started guides through installation and start of nJAMS Agent

Using nJAMS Agent input plugins to collect metrics:

Input plugins lists configuration of input plugins available for nJAMS Agent

Using nJAMS Agent output plugins to send metrics:

Output plugins lists configuration of output plugins available for nJAMS Agent