Activate license

With start of nJAMS Server 5.1, nJAMS Replay is moved into nJAMS Server and is now part of the core component. nJAMS Replay is no longer an extension that needs to be installed into nJAMS Server. For this reason nJAMS Replay just requires to be unlocked as a feature within nJAMS Server. You will need a license key to unlock nJAMS Replay.

nJAMS Replay software package

Download nJAMS Replay distribution package from IM Download Portal. The package mainly consists the nJAMS Replay command line tool, which is represented by a JAR file. Just for converting an existing version of nJAMS Replay Server plugin into a licensed feature the package also contains a nJAMS Replay Server plugin WAR file.

  • The file njams-replay-plugin-<VERSION>.war is required for unlocking the feature nJAMS Replay, in case you have an existing nJAMS Replay Server plugin. This file basically unlocks nJAMS Replay as a feature.
  • The JAR file njams-replay-plugin-commandline-<VERSION>.jar represents the command line tool of nJAMS Replay.

Unlock nJAMS Replay

Enter Administration > System Control > Feature management, select nJAMS Replay and click START button. You are now be prompted to enter a license key to unlock nJAMS Replay as a feature.

Unlock feature

You will get your license key at IM Download Portal. Login with your account and the license key will be provided at plugins > nJAMS Replay.

Copy and paste the key and if the key is valid, nJAMS Replay will be unlocked and ready to use.


If you are already using nJAMS Replay 5.0, you can convert the existing plugin to an unlocked feature.


Converting nJAMS Replay has to be performed only in combination with updating nJAMS Server to 5.1.

Please follow these steps to convert your existing nJAMS Replay Server plugin:

  1. Log in to nJAMS Server GUI as Administrator.
  2. Go to Administration > System Control > Deployment.
  3. Upload nJAMS Server WAR file njams_server_es6_<VERSION>.war
  4. Upload the nJAMS Replay WAR file njams-replay-plugin-<VERSION>.war
  5. Restart nJAMS Server.
  6. Log in again and verify the new category Feature management has replaced Plugin management at Administration > System Control and nJAMS Replay is in state “STARTED”.