This document describes the process of updating nJAMS Server. It is recommended to read the entire document before starting the update process.

Chapter 1:
General update considerations provides common information about the update process.
Chapter 2:
Prerequsities lists requirements and tasks to be considered before start updating.
Chapter 3:
Update nJAMS Server step by step explains how to update nJAMS Server step by step.
Chapter 4:
Update to nJAMS Server 5.1, while upgrading Elasticsearch 6 to 7 describes how to update nJAMS Server in combination with upgrading Elasticsearch.
Chapter 5:
How to re-index existing indexes explains how to convert existing indexes of Elasticsearch into a newer format.
Chapter 6:
Migrate custom reports demonstrates how to migrate your custom reports from nJAMS Server version 5.0 to 5.1.