Release 5.2

Version: 5.2
Released: April 2022
Last update of manual: Sep 22, 2022

nJAMS is not Just Another Monitoring Solution. nJAMS is a unique end-to-end process visibility solution which spans multiple integration platforms, enterprise applications and cloud services.

News and important information

Release 5.2.0:
  • New: Support of additional message transports Kafka and HTTP
  • New: Support of external identity providers by using OIDC to allow SSO
  • New: Improved usability of result list in nJAMS main view
  • New: Revised message processing improves reliability and enables configurability of the Data Providers even during processing
  • New: General update of 3rd party libraries considering security patches

Please note:

Starting with this version, nJAMS Server does no longer support event messages of outdated V3 message format from old nJAMS Clients. Messages from nJAMS Clients of version 3 or older will NOT be processed anymore and discarded. Before you update to version 5.2 of nJAMS Server, please make sure you only have current nJAMS Clients of version 4 or newer in place.


Installation guides you through installation of nJAMS Server.
Update explains how to update nJAMS Server step by step.
Introduction gives an overview of nJAMS Server and represents concepts and architecture of nJAMS
Working with nJAMS:
Working with nJAMS guides you through the usage of nJAMS Server with regards to searching and displaying process executions
Argos introduces Argos in nJAMS Server, monitoring of applications and infrastructure.
Administration explains configuration and administration of nJAMS Server. This guide is mainly intended for nJAMS Administrators.