Notifications are messages that nJAMS Server generates to inform the user about news in context of operation of nJAMS Server.

Notification can be of type INFO, WARNING, or ALERT:


INFO Notifications just inform the user about an action has been accomplished. Lowest severity, no action required by user.


WARNING Notifications draw attention to failing actions. Medium severity, action is adequate, user should step in.


ALERT Notifications indicate the system is not functioning correctly and is potentially unusable. Highest severity, action is required, the user has to step in.

Notifications are directed to the user in two ways:

  1. By a Toast message
  2. By list of Notifications
Toast message:

A Toast message is “a non modal, unobtrusive window element used to display brief, auto-expiring windows of information to a user.”:

Info Toast

A Toast message fades in automatically and disappears after a few seconds. A Toast can be closed by clicking on the Toast message or by clicking the X icon.

Notification list:

A new Notification is indicated by a Notification icon in the Title section:

Notification list

In this example the user is informed that an ALERT message exists. A click on that icon opens the Notification list. The Notification icon in the Title section shows the icon for the highest severity of all current Notifications for the logged in user.

The Notification list contains the latest three Notifications:

Notification entries
  1. Click on the X icon to close the Notification list. The Notifications still remain.
  2. This is the list of current Notifications. By clicking the X within a Notification, the Notification will be
  3. You can close all Notifications by one click.
  4. In case there are more Notifications available, the counter indicates how many. Click on that information and you will get to the Notification Center. The Notification Center lists all available Notifications for the logged in user.

The Notification Center is also available by the user menu:

Notification center