This document describes the process for installing and configuring nJAMS Server® on a single computer. It is recommended to read the entire document before starting the installation. Before you begin the installation process, gather information on the needs of your enterprise, and plan the scope of your deployment.

Chapter 1:
Introduction gives you an overview of the installation process and informs what you will need during the installation process
Chapter 2:
Preparing for installation walks you through installing and configuring all prerequisite software
Chapter 3:
Installing and configuring a new nJAMS instance walks you through installing and configuring nJAMS Server. The section includes procedures for determining whether your installation was successful.
Chapter 4:
Post installation tasks lists steps that should be performed after the installation.
Chapter 5:
Install nJAMS Server into existing WildFly server provides a guide to install nJAMS Server into an existing WildFLy server
References is providing details about advanced options of the installation