nJAMS Server acts as the core component of an nJAMS instance. nJAMS Server processes monitoring messages, communicates with nJAMS Clients and provides a graphical user interface (GUI); it also manages the resources participating in the nJAMS instance and enforces the authorization concept.

nJAMS Server provides a GUI for all common tasks around searching and visualizing monitoring events. In addition, nJAMS Server provides a centralized interface to manage nJAMS Clients and to configure nJAMS Server sub components.

You can search for monitoring events by various search and filter controls like time selector, process navigation tree, status buttons, query box, etc. Also full-text search is possible, which allows searching for terms in customer’s payload data. The result list is supplemented with additional useful information and a process graph provides high level of transparency to the user. There is also a simple to use management interface that allows configuration of nJAMS Clients. From a centralized administrative interface you can turn on/off nJAMS Clients, determine nJAMS Client’s logging modes, and much more.

nJAMS Server at a glance:

POWERFUL SEARCH - search any content, find every detail. Beyond common UI controls for searching and filtering, nJAMS Server provides a comprehensive Query language based on Elasticsearch, allows to save Queries for later executions, and supports the user with comfortable auto suggestion.

EASY TO USE USER INTERFACE - extensive analysis and visualization capabilities of monitoring events. nJAMS Server provides an adjustable user interface to comply with the user’s individual needs. And nJAMS Server supports the user’s daily tasks with useful functionality, e.g. nJAMS Server allows to mark log events for further investigation (Follow-Up).

PROCESS PERFORMANCE REPORTS - use existing or create your own reports out of nJAMS Server‘ big data pool. Reports can be created according to your individual requirements. Pre-defined types of diagrams are available, but nJAMS Server also allows to create fully customized reports by adapting JavaScript, HTML, Elasticsearch Query.

RULE BASED ALERTING - define rule based actions for specific events to trigger notifications in case of any alert or whenever actual performance deviates from your SLAs.

PLUGGABLE & EXTENSIBLE - as your company evolves, you can add new products to nJAMS Server.

CENTRALIZED ADMINISTRATION - configure nJAMS Server Clients and nJAMS Server from one single administrative interface.

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