User Profile

The User Profile contains various useful settings to individually modify the look of nJAMS GUI.

The User Profile is available by clicking “My Account” in the User menu:

My Account

Click on “My Account” and the following dialog opens:

User profile settings

The User Profile dialog contains two parts. The part on the left hand side contains Account settings, whereas the other part allows to specify a certain view of the GUI.

Account settings

A user can change its account data and properties in this dialog:

Account Data
  1. Account Data contains:
  • Username of the user (required)
  • First name of the user (optional)
  • Last name of the user (optional)
  • E-mail address of the account (optional)
  1. Account properties:
  • Amount of Attributes to display determines how many Attributes are displayed within a Tile of the Result list. It might be useful to limit the number of displayed Attributes in order to keep the size of a Tile small. Default is unlimited.
  • Maximum size of Attributes limits the number of characters of an Attribute to be displayed within a Tile of the Result list. Default is unlimited.
  • Timezone is used to interpret all timestamps of nJAMS GUI to a specific timezone. By default, all timestamps are related to the Browser setting.
  • Get Emails for notifications enable to get e-mails additionally, when a notification pops up.
  • Notification severity determines the severity of notifications you want to get e-mails.
  1. Save Account settings by clicking on SAVE

    Click on CHANGE password and a dialog will open to enter a new password:

    Change password


A user can specify the view of nJAMS GUI. A ‘View’ is a specific layout of the main sections of nJAMS GUI:

  1. Default View is the classic view of nJAMS GUI, where you have the Tree on the left hand side, followed by the Result list and process diagram and details on the right hand side. This view is familiar to users of previous nJAMS Server releases.

  2. Compact View is much less space consuming and a nice alternative view. Compact view will display the horizontal Tree instead of the vertical Tree, which allows much more space for the Result list and the process diagram and details. This view is recommended for power users that are mostly working with the Query bar or with big process diagrams.

  3. Custom Layout lets you specify in detail, which section to show/hide.

  4. Enter a specific Landing Page after login. For example, an nJAMS Operator may be interested in processing event messages and wants to see the message processing page right after login.

  5. SAVE your settings.

    RESET any change to the View settings.

Date Time Format

Enter your preferred format for date and time here:

Date Time Format

Argos settings

For Monitoring you can configure the following profile settings:

Argos settings
  1. Unmute Timeout
  2. Severity Threshold
  • NONE
  • INFO
  1. Always highlight alerts
  2. Play sound

Time picker setup

You can specify the default time frame here:

Time picker default
  1. Select default time period for searching