Event list

The Event list is located at the top right position, next to the Result list. To show the Event list, select the Events tab. The Event list contains events collected during process execution. Select an entry of the Result list and the Event list gets updated with events of the selected process instance.


From left to right the Event Table shows the following information:

Status:the icon represents the status of the Event entry, as recorded in the nJAMS storage. For nJAMS Events the status icon represents the event’s severity, which is any of: “info”, “success”, “warning” or “error”.
Name:the name of the activity that generates the event.
Event DateTime:the timestamp of when the event was created
Message:short description of the logging event, can be used for any custom information
Message Code:message code information of the logging event, can be used for any custom information
Show Data:the SHOW DATA button appears, when additional data (payload data or stack trace) is available for an event. Click on the icon to display the data.

When the user clicks on an event entry, the Details table is updated to show the information related to the selected event:

Eventlist details

Press SHOW DATA to see additional data for the event. Depending on availability, you can select tab Payload and/or Stacktrace.

Eventlist payload

You can download Payload or Stacktrace, if the data is to big to be displayed properly in nJAMS GUI.


You can adjust the size of max Payload / Stacktrace that can be displayed in nJAMS GUI at Administration / System control / System configuration / Search / maxPayloadSizeInUi.